New Year and a New Start

New beginnings. The new year is a time when we have the opportunity to reflect on what has happened, and what we could do better

Dear Reader,

Happy new year!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and an enjoyable new year period spent with family, friends and food!

The new year is a time when we have the opportunity to reflect on what has happened in the previous year, and what we could do better.

If things did not work out as we would have liked, then we have the opportunity to ask ourselves “what do I need to change?”

Did I possess a negative attitude? When new opportunities passed my way this year, did I think of why I could fail rather than why I might succeed?

If this is the case, then you may need to re-examine your beliefs. Remember that some people do succeed, and some people do enjoy lives full of happiness and prosperity, which means that success is possible.

Success, for you, is possible.

And remember also that complacency and mediocrity are a very dangerous place to rest. So many people describe themselves as “just getting by”, “doing the nine to five”, or “looking forward to the weekend”. And if you settle for these mediocre thoughts, then you will be surrounded by mediocre people. People with whom you will be forced to compete. And there are a lot of them.

The ladder of success is not crowded at the top, and so it is much safer to climb. Take a positive attitude and set out on a journey to become truly excellent at what you do.

Alternatively, you might ask yourself “Did I lack the relationships to enable success?” Are my friends or colleagues holding me back? Do they encourage the worst in me? If this is the case, then it may be time to reach out and find new ways of engaging with new people. You could join a speakers club, volunteer for a community organisation, or sign up for a Spanish or Mandarin language class. You never know who you could meet.

Alternatively, you might ask yourself “Did I lack the skills needed to perform at the highest level?” And if this happens to be the case, then perhaps you need think about further training, obtaining another degree, or seeking the counsel of a trusted mentor who can guide you in the right direction.

Here at the Consulting Blog, we have been doing some reflecting of our own. We have been asking ourselves, what do we need to change?

What could we do better?

After some soul searching and deep reflection, we have come up with a long list of exciting changes that we plan to make this year.

Without giving everything away, we would like to announce the first change for the year, which we are rolling out this week.

1. New Domain Name

We have changed our domain name from “” to ““.

While our heart will always lie in Australia, our thinking and insights are not similarly bound by geography. And so, to avoid confusion among new readers who might reasonably (although incorrectly) infer that the “” domain name means that the Consulting Blog is relevant for Australians only, we have decided to make a switch.

The old domain will redirect to the new one, and we hope this avoids any confusion or inconvenience.

We remain, as always, a publication which provides business leaders, management consultants and top students with shrewd insights on consulting, strategy, general business, the universe, and everything in between.

Wishing you a happy and productive start to the new year!

All our best.