Olswang – The name says it all

I recently had the dubious honour of meeting with two partners from London based law firm Olswang.

Olswang is a firm which holds itself out to the market as being an expert in technology, media and telecommunications, and so I was quite looking forward to meeting them.

Unfortunately, I was sadly disappointed.

It was interesting to learn that, despite being apparent technology experts, the firm’s partners still use an old version of the Blackberry.

And in a world where technology startups is a growth industry, I was edified to learn from Partner Charles Kerrigan that he has no growth strategy for his practice, no desire to develop one, and moreover the firm as a whole appears to have limited interest in using its legal skills in the technology arena for the benefit of genuine technology startups.

As Paul Keating might have put it, “Olswang – all tip, no iceberg.”