Interview a consultant, win a prize!

[Game closed, no entrants, no winners.]

I HAVEN’T written for a while, and have spent far more time lately on blog re-design, and fighting fires than on thinking about consulting and business strategy.  Not ideal, I know, you’ll have to forgive me.

The good news is that reading my blog is not the only, or even the best way, to learn about consulting and strategy.  One of the best ways to get experience is to get out there and talk to people who know more than you do, and more than I do.

To make things interesting, I am proposing the following game: interview a consultant, win a prize!

I have one A$500 Red Balloon gift voucher to give away which can be redeemed in Australia for a range of awesome gifts and once in a life time experiences (sky diving, hot air ballooning, bungee jumping, para-sailing, jet boating, laser skirmish, you get the idea)!  RedBalloon is arguably Australia and New Zealand’s leading online retailer of experience based gifts, and the A$500 gift voucher could easily be yours.  The gift voucher is valid until December this year so if you don’t like nice gifts or exciting experiences you can easily re-gift it, or sell it on eBay!

Here are the rules:

  1. Interview a consultant, entrepreneur or business leader.  Talk to someone who has the skills, knowledge and experience that you would like to have. Talk to someone interesting, someone who inspires you. Talk to one person, or talk to lots.
  2. Record the interview. Write it down, record the audio, take a video, paint an oil painting, or do an interpretive dance. You are creative, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  3. Send me a copy of the interview by Friday 26 March 2010, Sydney time.

Once all the interviews are in, I will determine a winner, and publish the winning interview on this blog at the end of March.  The winner will not only get the satisfaction of winning, the recognition gained by producing a first class piece of work, and the experience gained by preparing for and interviewing the person (or people) of their choice … the winner will also receive my coveted A$500 RedBalloon Gift Voucher which can be redeemed on the RedBalloon website.

Best of luck!