5 Benefits of Forums

OVER the last 3 months I’ve had lots of people ask me interesting and relevant questions about consulting and business strategy, which made me realise that people often prefer to learn by asking questions and discussing ideas rather than reading text books or blog posts.

To help you continue learning about consulting and business strategy, a brand new consulting forum will be launched soon!

There are at least 5 clear benefits to be gained from participating in a forum:

  1. Learning: Asking questions and getting advice will make it easier to learn the things that you want to know;
  2. Credibility: If you know the answer to someone’s question and you post a helpful comment then you are helping to build credibility with other forum users. By establishing a reputation as a trusted expert you can attract attention and generate opportunities for yourself;
  3. Networking: Participating in a discussion forum is a good way to meet people who have similar interests;
  4. Community: Joining a discussion forum is an easy way to become part of a community of interest. Belonging to a community of interest allows you to help others, get feedback and support, and to build a personal identity; and
  5. Popularity: If you have a website, your popularity is measured largely by how many links point to your website. If you create a signature line to use in your forum posts which includes a link to your website then every time you ask a question or post a comment in the forum you get an extra link back to your website.