Mastering the Case Interview

Demonstrating that you have the business acumen required for the job

AFTER impressing interviewers with tales of leadership ability and applicable work experience, the hard part commences: demonstrating that you have the business acumen required for the job.

Cases allow consulting firms to see how applicants would react in front of a client when faced with difficult situations, as well as provide insight into an individual’s thought process. While certain skills can be taught, an ability to rationalize logically, act objectively, and think creatively can often only come naturally. Consulting firms seek to discover whether you possess those necessary skills.

Over the next few weeks, I will explore the various methods used to approach these interviews as well as introduce cases used by top consulting firms.

I encourage you to collaborate together in the comment section to discover new solutions or present a different angle than the one I have chosen.

To start with, please take a look at the video below which presents an introduction to the case interview from Ernst & Young Advisory.