List of consulting firms in India

PREVIOUSLY I created a list of certain consulting firms in Australia and America. I have decided to do the same thing for India. This list provides quick access to a list of the top consulting firms in India and provides a short description of each. I hope you find it useful.

The list of consulting firms is long, so I have divided the firms into 3 categories:

  1. Strategy and general business consulting firms in India
  2. IT consulting firms in India
  3. HR consulting firms in India

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2 Replies to “List of consulting firms in India”

  1. I am the MD of PRTM Management Consutants, a global consultancy with operations in India since 2005. We have been in operation since 1976 with operations in 18 locations worldwide. We have been actively working with Indian clients in the Telecom, Auto, Industrial and Lifesciences sectors. I was wondering if we can connect with you to get ourselves listed on Consulting Network. Please let us know and we can provide you more details PRTM. Thanks for your help.

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