Start a movement – stand up and dance

STAND up and dance like nobody’s watching. We are watching though, everyone is, and that’s why being the initiator feels so scary. You are afraid of looking like a fool, we all are. So we wait and watch you dance.

Genuine passion is contagious, and as you dance freely and passionately one person sees the genius in what you are doing and has the courage to join you.

Simple dancing, nothing fancy. You dance because you love to dance and you embrace your friend in the dance. We continue to watch you dance, the two of you. It is still a novelty and still too early and much too risky to join you.

You dance openly and eagerly and another person is infected by the brilliance of what you are doing and comes to join you.

You dance wildly and keenly and as passionately as ever, the energy levels race higher, the tension grows, and the attraction of the dance becomes so compelling that people are wonderfully and inescapably drawn towards the dance. A few people begin to walk and others start to run.

The movement has started.

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2 Replies to “Start a movement – stand up and dance”

  1. haha that just made my day.
    Btw i was meaning to drop a comment earlier, I recently received an offer from Bain and wanted to say that your blog was truly helpful during my preparations for case interviews. Keep up the great work.

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