Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds

THE MARKETS have been temporarily buoyed amid optimism that European leaders will find a solution to the debt crisis.  Unfortunately, the optimism is likely to be short lived because the problem with Greece is not just that they owe everyone a lot of money.  Greek debt is a symptom of a more endemic problem rooted in the Greek culture.

Michael Lewis, writer for Vanity Fair, revealed the story of how Greece meandered towards its current nadir: tax evasion the norm, bribery a way of life, and the Vatopaidi monks obtaining a gift of Greek commercial property worth over a $1 billion. 

His intriguing and insightful article, “Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds“, uncovers the human story behind the Greek debt crisis. It is not a short piece, but if you have 15 minutes and are interested in the current affairs then it is well worth reading.

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