Tourist or Adventurer

If you’re waiting for the bus, and missing it throws out your whole day, then you’re a tourist.

Some people go through life this way.

High school, university, respectable office job, marriage, house, children, death. A safe bus ride with a predictable number of stops.

There is an alternative, but it won’t fit neatly on your itinerary.

You can choose to meet life on its own terms. To see problems and try to solve them. To passionately pursue opportunities as they arise. To help the people you meet, and those you can reach, as much as possible. To figure out who you are, and how you can bring that to the table. To be amongst it, and not just an observer from the window of a red double-decker bus.

You may end up making all the same stops, but you will have seen more, felt more, and have many more stories to tell.

Is someone else driving the bus, or are you?

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