The hard part about pursuing a new idea is not the idea itself. There are thousands of good ideas shared every day online for free.

Nor is it the risk of financial failure since it is easier than ever to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again.

The real risk that the trail blazers face is a social one.

Humans are social animals, and charting a new course necessarily means forming new relationships and investing less time in existing ones.

By taking the initiative to build new client relationships a consultant may not have the time or money to wine and dine smaller existing clients, to take the family on the traditional annual holiday, or to go out for drinks with friends.

Social isolation whether real or perceived can be incredibly painful, and so we often choose to play it safe.

We see an opportunity and we delay. Good ideas come to mind and we don’t snatch for a notepad to write them down before they vanish. We meet a wonderful new person and we don’t pursue the relationship.

Better not to risk what we have.

The flaw with this thinking is that it assumes our relationships are static. Something to be fixed, controlled, and bottled up for safe keeping. A rigid worldview which ignores the fact that, whether we like it or not, our relationships are constantly in flux.

Life constantly offers us new opportunities to change, evolve and improve, but in order to reach out we may have to find the courage to let go.

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