Just A Game?

Using gamelike elements to engage customers can produce real business value

We are currently taking an online course on Gamification with Wharton’s Professor Kevin Werbach, which provides a fascinating insight into the world of games and how gamelike elements can be incorporated into the customer experience.

The basic concept is that games provide a structure within which people can achieve outcomes and have fun in the process.  By incorporating gamelike elements into the customer experience, businesses can engage customers and produce real value for customers.

Many successful multi-billion dollar companies use gamelike elements to engage customers. Here are just three (3) examples:

  1. Game Concept: Badges. Business Application: American Express Platinum Card.
  2. Game Concept: Rewards. Business Application: Starbucks coffee card.
  3. Game Concept: Teams. Business Application: Weight Watchers Groups.

Are you using gamelike elements to engage customers or employees? Or have you seen companies that are doing this successfully?  Share your experience in the consulting forum. The person who provides the best example of gamification in the next 48 hours will win a free book.

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