Conversation with Nigel Lake, CEO of Pottinger

PottingerI recently had the good fortune to speak with Nigel Lake, CEO of Pottinger, a global corporate advisory firm based in Sydney, Australia.

Nigel is a truly original thinker who combines a good sense of humour with sharp strategic insights and clarity of thought.

I had originally intended to ask Nigel some questions about Pottinger and its recruitment process, but I thought better of it. I was interested to learn more about his book “The Long Term Starts Tomorrow” and we ended up having a very interesting conversation.

Our discussion touched on various fascinating topics including:

  1. The importance of thinking about the long term first
  2. Looking beyond short term financial metrics
  3. Finding the courage to overcome vested interests
  4. The importance of having a strategic end goal (rather than just a general sense of direction)
  5. The need for continual innovation
  6. The challenges of pursuing organisational change
  7. How to anticipate the future
  8. Where should the CEO focus his or her attention
  9. Ongoing innovations in digital media, and
  10. Australia’s unenviable position as an innovation laggard

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