Prize Inside

HAVE you ever wondered why cereal boxes often contain a free toy, prize or collectible?

The answer is simpler than you might think.

The children are the target audience, while the parents fund the purchase. The kids want the toy, while the parents want cereal for their children but are largely indifferent about which sort of cereal because they’re not going to eat it themselves.

Cereal companies sell toys, and throw in the cereal for free.

Are you an aspiring consultant? If so, then we have a wonderful box of cereal that you might like to try.

The HUB is a new exclusive consulting community. A place where you can connect with other aspiring consultants, and share ideas to help you break into the consulting industry. A delicious box of cereal.

But we can hear the child in you asking the obvious question, where is the toy?

Well, there are multiple toys. Don’t get too excited.

The HUB contains a wide selection of FREE resources including case interview guidebooks, application guidebooks, template cover letters, CVs, and more. They are all free for you as a member of The HUB.

Free templates don’t do it for you?

If you are one of the first 20 new members to sign up to The HUB and introduce yourself in the “Consulting Cabaret” forum today, then we will send you the book of your choice from the Bookshelf. Lots of great books to choose from. Sign up as a member, post in the “Consulting Cabaret” forum, and we will send you the book of your choice.

Wholesome cereal. Prize inside. (Sign up now.)