Filling the Void

Filling the Void

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It is a figure of speech that “empty vessels make the most noise”. And for verbal conversation this would appear to be a good observation.

People who are not thoughtful are likely to say whatever comes to mind since they don’t think to filter good thoughts from bad, obnoxious thoughts from nice ones.

In self defense, these people will often be heard saying “I just like to be honest”.

But honestly though, if your thoughts are not helpful or constructive then you should probably just keep them to yourself. There is really no need for filling the void.

In written communication though, things are a little different.

If you are writing a blog post or a research report and can’t quite find the right words to express your ideas then it will often be helpful to leave a place holder for the missing words [Lorem Ipsum] and then come back later when you’ve had more time to consider what you really wanted to say.

It is often easier to write your ideas down quickly without breaking the flow, and then return to edit your thoughts and perfect the message.

Don’t serve it half baked (or burnt to a crisp). Ship it when it’s good and ready.