Consulting Firms in Old Blighty

Another week, another guidebook for you, dear reader.

This week’s guidebook profiles the most prominent consulting firms operating in Old Blighty.

Where is Old Blighty you ask?

Well, if you need to ask, then this week’s guidebook is probably not for you.

“Blighty” is a slang term for Britain, popularised during World War I and still used (or so we understand) by the people who weren’t lucky enough to have one of their ancestors steal a loaf of bread and get sent to Australia.

You can download the guidebook here.

In the same vein as last week, we are distributing this guidebook under a creative commons license, which means you are free to read, edit, share, print or trash the guidebook – which ever takes your fancy.

If you have any suggested amendments, please feel free to let us know and we will update the primary version. Together we win.