Ten years gone by

TEN years ago, what were you doing?

For me, I was just entering my final year of high school and gearing up to sit the final exams called the Higher School Certificate. Expectations were high! Our teachers told us that these were the most important set of exams that we would ever take because “a good performance will get you into a good university and ensure a bright future!” (what they failed to tell us was that a bright future requires, more than anything, a clear direction and the determination to overcome setbacks along the way).  So, with no clear direction in mind, I took their advice to heart and have spent the better part of the last decade at university.

I end the decade with only slightly more money than with which I started it. A decade of study is a heavy investment, and I am pleased to report that I think it has been worthwhile after all. I have learnt a lot, as one would hope, and I can always dust off and sift through the piles of text books and notes if I ever forget something.  The lectures and exams were instructive (and at times character building), but more than anything the years of formal study have given me the opportunity to meet, learn from, and become friends with a large number of exceptional people – some like-minded, some brilliant, some inspiring, all wonderful in their own way.

And so, I find myself ten years older, a little wiser, with a long and growing list of qualifications and many valued friends. Expectations are high and a clear direction is needed. Where to next?

Ten years from now, where will you be if you keep going in the direction that you are headed?