3 More Reasons to Hire a Consultant

Consultants can provide genuine expertise, tested methodologies, and quality resources on a variable cost basis

Genuine Expert

In the previous post, we highlighted 6 reasons why executives hire management consulting firms.

On reflection, we may have implied that there are only 6 reasons when in reality there are many.

Tim Jeffries, experienced Sydney based management consultant, sent us 3 more reasons why executives hire consultants. The reasons are good ones, and so we’d like to share them with you.

All told, we now have 9 good reasons why executives hire consultants.

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7. Genuine Expertise: Many consultants have an industry specialisation, which they can use to provide relevant and timely insights to executives. While executives will typically have industry experience, a consultant may have worked with many different companies in the same industry. This means that consultants will often have a broader perspective and access to key industry insights that an executive may lack.

8. Proprietary ‘Toolkit’: Many consultants use methodologies to help them simplify and standardise their approach to different kinds of issues. By using reliable and tested methods, consultants can help an executive turn an ambiguous and unresearched request for help into a clear understanding of the problem, and actionable recommendations.

9. Quality Resources (No Fixed Cost): By engaging consultants, an executive can access highly skilled workers on a variable cost basis. This may allow an organisation to reduce risk by lowering its fixed labour costs. It also provides an organisation with the flexibility to pursue more projects if there is sufficient demand.