Warding Off Ghosts

Hint: this post has nothing to do with ghosts

HAVE you ever seen a ghost? Or been told a ghost story by someone who claims to have seen one?

I recently had a conversation with a friend who explained to me that his apartment is inhabited by an unfriendly ghost.

How do you ward off a ghost? A liberal dose of garlic is the usual prescription but, to suspend disbelief for a minute, what would you do if ghosts actually existed and one happened to be living in your apartment?

Not being an expert on ghosts, I suggested to my friend that his ghost, if it exists, must live in either the physical, mental or spiritual realm. It is generally accepted that ghosts are not physical creatures, and so the ghost must merely be a mental or spiritual manifestation. If it is mental, then the ghost could be defeated by thinking differently. If it is spiritual, then the ghost could be defeated by changing his beliefs.

What kind of ‘evil spirits’ inhabit your daily life? For example, do you suffer from poor health, anxiety, or fatigue? Do you lack the skills, resources, or qualifications needed to be excellent at what you do everyday? Or, do you find it difficult to save money, sell products, or perform well in interviews?

Consider for a moment whether these ‘evil spirits’ are physical, mental, or spiritual in nature:

  • Are there small changes in the way you operate that would drastically improve your performance? For example, changing the way you organise your desk.
  • Are there different ways of thinking or additional information which would help you thrive? For example, obtaining an MBA or additional on-the-job training.
  • Are your current beliefs holding you back? For example, if a salesperson believes that she is imposing a burden on every customer she calls then she may find it difficult to make sales. If she instead believes that she is offering customers an opportunity to benefit from using a wonderful product, then her sales performance is likely to improve.