Insights from Australia’s Leading Social Sector Consulting Firm

SOCIAL VENTURES Australia (SVA) is a relatively new non-profit organisation.  Founded in 2002, SVA invests in social change projects to help increase the impact and build the sustainability of high potential organisations in the social sector.  SVA currently supports a range of promising organisations including AIME, STREAT, and Teach for Australia.

The consulting arm of SVA, aptly named “SVA Consulting“, is an even newer beast. Founded in 2007, SVA Consulting has quickly become Australia’s leading specialist consulting practice for the social sector.  Over the last 5 years, SVA Consulting has worked with over 160 organisations and delivered over 350 projects. Think of SVA Consulting as the “McKinsey” of the social sector.

Australia has a long history of coming up with innovative ideas: the Hills Hoist, the black-box flight recorder, and Cochlear implants. However, up until recently, the non-profit sector in Australia has borrowed heavily from ideas developed in the US, in particular from insights developed by the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Building on Australia’s long history of thought leadership and innovation, we are excited to report that SVA Consulting has decided to make their hard-won insights freely available to the public with the view to creating positive change in the social sector.  Launched on 16 August 2012, the SVA Consulting Quarterly is a new online publication dedicated to sharing new ideas, tools and methodologies with leaders, managers, and thinkers in the Australian non-profit sector.

To read the first issue of the SVA Quarterly, please click here.