Finding Yourself

THIS post was initially going to be called “finding your competitive advantage”, but I think it goes further than that.

Here are 8 factors to get you thinking, and to help find what you’re looking for:

  1. Why do you do what you do every day? What makes you tick? What do you believe in? These are things that you are not willing to compromise on for any reason.
  2. How do you provide value for others? Why do people ask you to help them solve their problems?
  3. Are you remarkable? That is, are you doing something that is worth people making a remark about.
  4. Where do you source your raw materials? Your ideas, your circuit boards, your fabrics, your fresh fruit, or whatever it is that you use to do what you do every day. Where do you get that from? Are they the best materials you could be using?
  5. Do other people talk about you in a positive way? Do you talk about yourself in a positive way?
  6. What are your key strengths that allow you to do what you do best? Are you using them?
  7. Are you in a stable financial position? (hint: lots of debt may stop from experimenting, from exploring, from discovering, and from becoming remarkable).
  8. If a customer or work colleague had to name three things about you, what would they say? What would you like them to have said?