How to Achieve Your Audacious Goals

Hint: taking audacious action is not the answer

THERE are many things worth having. What do you want?  You may want to work for McKinsey, start your own firm, or fly to the moon. Be specific. What exactly is your audacious goal?

If nothing comes to mind, then don’t worry. The reason that most people have never achieved an audacious goal is because they have never set one. The first step to achieving your audacious goals is to set them. To help you think about goal setting, you may want to review the post on Setting SMART Goals.

After you have set your goal, move towards it. Do not be discouraged if your progress is slow, the important thing is to keep moving. A gentle wind that blows consistently in the same direction will eventually disperse storm clouds.  Whereas, a wind that continually changes direction, even a very powerful one, will disperse nothing, only stirring up the sky. In the same way, you need to have perseverance with your goals. High levels of energy and enthusiasm will not compensate for a lack of perseverance with your goals.

Put aggressive or audacious actions to one side. Although it is possible to achieve temporary results by these means, you are likely to block your own progress. When ambitious desires lead you to act improperly, or to aggressively pursue your own interests at the expense of others, then people are likely to react against you, and anyone with the power to help you will be unlikely to do so.

Through gentle perseverance, you can achieve your audacious goals.