Case Interview Guides & Books

THIS list of guides and books is a a work in progress. If you come across any other useful resources that I haven’t listed here, please let us know.

Online case interview guides

  1. Make Your Case: Master Consulting Interviews |
  2. ATKearney – interview casebook
  3. Deloitte – 2007 Boston College – Conducting Case Interviews
  4. Deloite – 2005 Michigan State University – Case Workshop
  5. University of Pennsylvania – interview guide
  6. Yale School of Management – sample interview questions


  1. Case in Point: Complete Case Interview Preparation by Marc P. Cosentino
  2. Crack the Case: How to Conquer Your Case Interviews by David Ohrvall
  3. How to Get Into the Top Consulting Firms: A Surefire Case Interview Method by Tim Darling
  4. Management Consulting: A Complete Guide to the Industry by Sugata Biswas and Daryl Twitchell
  5. Mastering the Case Interview: The Complete Guide to Management, Marketing, and Strategic Consulting Case Interviews by Alexander Chernev
  6. The Fast Track: The Insider’s Guide to Winning Jobs in Management Consulting, Investment Banking, & Securities Trading by Mariam Naficy
  7. The Harvard Business School Guide to Careers in Management Consulting by Maggie Lu
  8. Vault Case Interview Practice Guide
  9. Vault Guide to the Case Interview
  10. Ace Your Case! Consulting Interviews (WetFeet Insider Guide)

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9 Replies to “Case Interview Guides & Books”

  1. Hi Just wondering,

    would these case interviews be relevant to entry level candidates as well?


  2. Hi Ash,

    Yes, these case interviews are definitely relevant to entry level candidates. If they appear tough, it just means you have your work cut out for you.

    Best of luck,

  3. Hey. Thank you so much Tom. Really appreciate your work, this would be of great help.

    Also, can you please help as to where can I get free ebooks of the books suggested by you?


  4. Hi Anirudh,

    I’m glad you think this post will prove useful.

    I can’t help you with free ebooks, as I’m sure you’re aware, that would be piracy. But, if you are serious about consulting it might be a good idea to lay out some money. Think of it as an investment!

    Although I haven’t read it myself, the third book in the list, by Tim Darling, is supposed to be a valuable read.

    If you are looking for good quality free consulting advice, the best advice I can give you is to keep reading my blog.

    All the best,

  5. Hi Tom,

    Great website – clear layout, heaps of useful information, good research!

    Could you please provide more information about yourself? What profession you currently work in (I assume consulting given this is a consulting blog)? Your interests, star sign, etc.? You know the standard kind of stuff.


    Your Secret Admirer

  6. Hi there,

    Thanks for the gratuitous flattery. I’m glad that you have found this blog useful so far. I’m always glad to hear that I’m being of some use to somebody, it’s just the motivation I need to keep reading and writing.

    As for wanting more information about me, you should check out the “About” section. I thought hard about what information I should include there, so I am sorry if it doesn’t provide you with everything that you would like to know.

    Thanks again for the strong words of support.



  7. Sweet. This site is perhaps one of the best compilation site of consulting practice questions.

    Do update if you happen to discover any other useful link(s).

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