Sample Guesstimate Questions

Sample Guesstimate Questions

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The guesstimate question (market sizing or other) is one of the types of question you are likely to encounter in consulting interviews.

Below we list twenty three (23) sample guesstimate questions broken down by question type.

Population Questions

  1. How many births are there in America each day?
  2. How many petrol stations are there in Sydney?
  3. How many bottles of wine are consumed in France each month?
  4. How many cups of tea are drunk in England each day?
  5. How many pounds are spent on haircuts in the UK each year?
  6. How many weddings are performed in China each year?
  7. How many men’s suits were sold in the United States last year?
  8. Surfboards Inc. imports surfboards into America. Demand depends on the weather and the company needs to order stock six months in advance. How many surfboards should they order?
  9. Estimate the total revenues obtained from the Harry Potter movies.
  10. What is the size of the market for mobile phones in America?
  11. How many cars are sold in in Australia each year?
  12. How many people are buried each year in England?
  13. How many taxis are there in New York?

Household Questions

  1. What is the annual market for apples in America?
  2. What is the annual size of the market for golf clubs in Japan?
  3. What is the annual revenue of Harrods in London?
  4. What is the market for bicycles in America?

Preposterous Questions

  1. How far does the average Premiership footballer run in a game?
  2. How much does Mount Kilimanjaro weigh?
  3. How many ping-pong balls will fit inside a 747?
  4. How much does a 747 weigh?
  5. How many slices of pizza does it take to reach the moon?
  6. How many tennis balls fit in a swimming pool?

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