Loyalty Games

If you are there for them, they will be there for you

WHEN it comes to marketing, you have a choice.

Chase new customers, or care for the ones you already have.

Buy a million dollar Superbowl ad, or do the hard work of creating remarkable products for the people who care.

Pursue the glittering promise of untold wealth by trying to please everyone, or focus on delighting the loyal few.

It’s hard to do both.

In the old days, before the Interweb, it was common to reward customers for their loyalty with points, exclusive discounts and upgrades.

Digital hasn’t changed this, but it does offer new opportunities for social engagement, data analytics and making things fun using online games.

Our friend John Persico is leading the charge to help us transition into a new and exciting digital future with the 2014 Loyalty and Gamification World Championships, a free online competition that will test and develop your skills and understanding of gamification and loyalty marketing.

Round 1 kicks off on July 12 (you can register here).