Math Questions

Maths Questions

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In consulting interviews, the interviewer may quiz you on your quantitative skills with one or two short maths questions.

Below we outline six (6) sample math questions to give you an idea of what to expect:

  1. What is 13 x 13?
  2. What percentage is 5 of 42?
  3. The total smart phone market is $900 million and our client’s sales are $120 million. What is our client’s market share as a percentage?
  4. Our client’s total costs are $350,000. Raw material costs account for 25% of total costs. How much does the company pay for raw materials?
  5. A company’s marketing costs are $50 million and it sells 40,654 units. What is the approximate marketing cost per unit?
  6. An investment bank helps a mining company raise $35 million and takes a 3% commission. What’s the investment bank’s commission?

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