Publicly Generous

But what about when nobody is watching?

GENEROSITY is the act of giving more than we expect of you.

You are probably familiar with the most common form of generosity – public generosity. Giving more when people can see it.

The public benefactor to a prestigious university foundation; the celebrity who campaigns to fight poverty; or the wealthy men on a quest to cure malaria.

Public generosity is valuable, necessary and commendable. We need more of it because equality and prosperity in our communities cannot be sustained without it.

There is, however, a more unique form of generosity – private generosity. Giving more even if nobody is likely to hear about it.

The partner in a firm who takes extra time to make sure his juniors are learning, developing and growing. The mother who makes an extra effort to help her children develop their unique talents. The big shot friend who always makes time for her small town friends.

Public generosity may get you recognition, but private generosity can help you lay a foundation for your life and your work upon which future success can be built.

Are you giving more than people expect of you? And what about when nobody is watching?

Your generosity is needed now more than ever.